Local author offers guidance straight from the heart

by S. Rotan Hale

Dr. Judi Love Bowman is a life coach, teacher, author, poet and lecturer with an extensive line up of high profile credits. Her vibrant spirit alone is enough to uplift anyone and the messages conveyed through her books serve as encouragement and advice on many of today’s pressing issues.

Occupy Your Mind with Dr. Thinkenshine is Dr. Bowman’s fourth book and as her latest work boldly addresses a multitude of topics as: money, character, salvation, abortion, bullying, death, faith, forgiveness and many others.

Like Dr. Seuss or Barney, “Dr. Thinkenshine is a fictitious character,” says Dr. Bowman who further qualifies him as a “fictitious social scientist” who simply wants to have a heart-to-heart conversation about various topics critical to individuals, particularly those raising children. Her book also tackles some of the more controversial issues as sex, drugs, and dating that Dr. Bowman handles with a stark and objective approach lodged in simple reasoning that most readers will find refreshing.

The 267 page book, as the subtitle suggests, is “An Alphabetized Discussion Guide for Young People and Those who Love Them.”

Through each page, “dr. judi,” as she is affectionately known, offers advise–much of which is based in Biblical scripture that naturally serves as a testament to her faith as a devout Christian.

Dr. Bowman, who hails from Hampton, Va., moved to Roanoke in 2008 with her son Ollie who is now a 17 year-old senior and honor student at William Fleming High School. She married local entrepreneur Victor Banks in 2010–who, along with her son, is among her greatest fans and supporters.

Emphasizing one of many principles of guidance raised in the book Dr. Bowman says, “Everything starts at home and if you don’t teach your children certain values at home then they are going to learn them from somewhere else.”

As part of her arsenal of motivational materials, she also has a line of corollary products such as her Dr. Thinkenshine Pizza Game: An Exercise in Time Management that teaches the collective arts of prioritizing and organizing she points out and recites her modified version of the 7Ps adage: “Proper preparation and prayer prevents poor performance.”

And then there is a jar of “Mealtime Conversations” which is her version of another popular product Moms Canned Questions–a jar with 120 questions that promote family interaction and dialogue.

Dr. Bowman is a master when it comes to encouragement and expressions of support–concepts that plague many people who inherently suffer from a host of personality disorders usually wrapped in an over inflated ego, an allegiance to arrogance or simply poor conditioning.

It’s a known fact that life is full of curious twists and turns, yet thanks to a world of uplifting motivational teachers and authors, much of the sting of life can be mitigated through the practice of certain principles. Those who honestly seek guidance on whatever level, will typically turn to others who are truly born to inspire–such as Dr. Judi Love Bowman.

Copies of Dr. Bowman’s book will be offered at book signing events held on Thursday, Dec. 6 at 3:30-7:30pm at Gainsboro Branch Public Library, 15 Patton Ave. NW Roanoke and Thursday, Dec. 13 at 3:30-7:30 at South County Library, 6303 Merriman Rd. SW Roanoke.

Other books by Dr. Bowman include: Rebuilding the Wall: 21st Century Inspirational and Womanist Poetry, (1994); Showers of Bliss: Your Portable Paradise of Inspiration and Hope (2000) and Dream House: Eight Steps to the Peace and Joy You Deserve (2000).

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